Elite house in Sochi among unspoilt nature, in the mountain residence of Krasnaya Polyana. Rest for all tastes, all year round, in the Laura complex
On top of your comfort

Private domain on top of a mountain with two houses, tennis court and just a 5 minute drive away from ski resort and 30 minute drive from the sea.

Unique construction

Staircase sctructure means that each builfing is higher than the previous one, so you can enjoy breathtaking view from all of them

Alluring nature

Well-groomed area with gardens, balconies, walkways. 

Seven different buildings

The total area of the residence - nearly 2,000 sq.m. Most of the buildings are decorated in the style of alpine chalets.

Leisure room

At the residence, you can find something to do for everyone, and 50 sq. m billiard area is not the limit of it. 

Private tennis court

700 sq m. tennis court in appliance with Olympic standards with breathtaking mountain view.

Laura on Krasnaya Polyana

The mountain residence on Krasnaya Polyana Sochi with the romantic name "Laura", lurking in the Krasnaya Polyana among the slopes covered with snow caps, will amaze visitors and guests with exquisite luxury and inimitable chic. On the area of ​​1.2 hectares on three levels there is a complex consisting of the main house, the guest house, the house of the gatekeeper, the bath complex, the business premises, the tennis court and household facilities. The complex is fully equipped for comfortable living and recreation, a place for spending free time and a gatekeeper's house. The complex Laura in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana) attracts extraordinary entertainment. On its territory, guests can play tennis on a 700-meter indoor court, watching through the transparent walls behind the exclusive landscape of a mountain valley protected from cold winds by a pass that cuts through the valley. Connoisseurs of comfortable surroundings will spend many pleasant minutes in a billiard room lined with expensive precious tree species and made in the traditional Alpine style of the mountain chalets of Switzerland, Austria and the French Alps.

Laura on Krasnaya Polyana

To prolong youth and preserve health guests can in a real Russian bath or Turkish hamam. The fashionable chalet house in the mountains resembles a fragment of paradise only by external outlines. In terms of content it is a complete complex with paved stone paths, walking alleys, magnificent landscaping and the opportunity to enjoy the unsurpassed air filled with the scent of relic coniferous forests. On the territory of the Sochi Residency, comfortable living conditions have been created: the elite resort is gasified, electrified, equipped with a sewerage system, video surveillance and a security sensor system. All-the-year-round climate control systems operate in the Sochi residence. Mountain Residence Laura in Krasnaya Polyana, will provide a level of comfort worthy of similar resorts and residences in Europe. The time spent at the residence will be remembered by the possibility to keep full privacy in the most usual conditions. It is also possible to complete (completion, alteration) taking into account your wishes. On the official site of the Residence Laura in Sochi, you can personally see the unique shape of the ski resort and order a tour of the residence.